Suzie Lee

As we all know brows matter. They are a key part of the architecture of the face and are highly unique to each person but it goes deeper than just aesthetics. Think of how many emotions we express everyday using our brows and it makes total sense that having a good pair is important.

I’ve always struggled with thin, sparse brows. I was tired of filling them in with pencils, gels, pomades, and fillers that would just wipe off at the end of the day. When I stumbled upon microblading I immediately fell in love with it. It was clear this was an amazing solution to a problem myself and countless others face.

In 2015 A two-day course were offered in a couple of states, I knew it wasn’t enough for the services I wanted to provide, and I hopped on a flight to Canada and enrolled in a 40-hour course during the which I learned about skin undertones, color theory, and interpreting client needs. I was hooked!

After completing my certificate with the fundamental courses of microblading, I decided to farther my skills into other types of permanent makeup or PMU (eyeliners, stenciled eyebrow tattoos, lip liners, and full lip pigmentation) by taking another series of courses in New York and another perfection class on microblading in Los Angeles before taking things international. I travelled to Munich, Germany and enrolled in a course on medical tattooing which focuses on recreating features that may have been changed or lost due to illness or treatment. An example might be a breast cancer survivor. Medical tattooing allows practitioners to recreate an areola after a mastectomy or restore scalp pigmentation.

While I am relatively new to the world of permanent makeup, I have a wide breadth of educational experience, using the latest technologies, and the body of work I’ve developed shows how much time and effort I really put into delivering the best for each client.